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Installing the Oleo central water supply allows you to benefit from a constant flow of water throughout your home:

Water rich in minerals essential for health, including calcium and magnesium.
Delicious water without any unpleasant taste or smell of chlorine.
Water revitalized & dynamized by micro-vortexes (whirlpools) that recreate beneficial and reoxygenating actions.
Soft water for your hair and skin thanks to the action of limestone and chlorine.
*Oleo Water range version 2021


A purifier with the exclusive OLEO CARBON/PURE SILVER technology.
Made entirely of stainless steel, it is designed to meet the needs of human consumption.
Easy to install: No electrical connection.
Antibacterial: Your water is purified by 4 revolutionary filters
The production of Oleo Water compact modules is based on the use of nanotechnology treatment on cold plasma treated activated carbon.


The role of activated carbon in water filtration has been known for a long time, but the limitations of this system require a very regular replacement of the cartridges. Thanks to the plasma treatment, the microporous carbon grains are metallized with 99.9% pure silver metal in a nanometric layer.

The Oleo’s Water range benefits from this exclusive CARBON/pure SILVER patent and offers you a much longer life for your filters.

Activated carbon is not only able to trap chlorine and other pollutants, but also acts as a bactericidal and antifungal agent, with the added bonus of its persistent effect.


Water Bottles
Save money on bottled water.
Your laundry
Save on detergents, decalcifiers and fabric softeners.
Your appliances
Improve the longevity of your appliances.
Autonomous system
No energy consumption thanks to an autonomous system.
Water saving
No unnecessary rinsing of membranes and resins.


OLEO offers a range of high performance products capable of removing chlorine and impurities accidentally present in the water network.
With a lifespan of at least 8 years for optimal daily comfort, Oleo’s water models can be adapted to all needs, whatever your home and consumption habits.

Thanks to the Eau d’Oleo range, OLÉO can manage all the water points in a house, from 3 to more than 10, with a constant flow.

Water points taken into account when sizing the system
Outdoor water points
Washing machine supply
Swimming Pool
Unaccounted for water points
Toilet Flushing
Garden & Irrigation