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Make a difference by offering purified, quality water

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OLEO imagined and designed for you

A greener consumption

A healthy and sublimated water

Quick and easy installation

Purified & revitalized water

  • A taste similar to a water coming directly from natural spring
  • In the kitchen, this water will make the difference by enhancing the flavors and cooking process
  • Your clothes will be protected and you won’t need a lot of softener to keep them soft and supple

Environment & profitability

  • No electricity to run your purifier
  • No more buying plastic bottles, to bring your establishment closer to a more environmentally responsible offer
  • Produce your own high quality table water
  • Reduced 50 to 60% of plastic in the restaurant

    I chose an OLEO central for 2 reasons: The water quality is not optimal. At the bar… I have 4 ice machines… it was an obvious choice to be able to filter at the inlet of the connection… allowing us to have a better quality of water.
    to have a better quality of water.
    The second reason… to limit plastic consumption

  • Industrialists, communities

  • Medical sector

  • Craftsmen, shopkeepers

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