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Purified water at every water point in your home.

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OLEO imagined and designed for you

Softer skin and silky hair

More naturally healthy water for everyone

Protection of all the water in your home

Safe water for the whole family.

  • Peace of mind about the safety of the water your family uses
  • Water purification at all points of use, including your kitchen faucet, shower, children’s bath and all appliances.
  • It will also benefit your plants and pets or your pool

An economical and environmentally friendly solution.

  • Delicious tap water directly at all taps, no more plastic bottles and filter jugs
  • 50% reduction in detergent and cleaning product consumption! Purified water is more effective for cleaning, which means you’ll use less detergent
  • Reduction of skin creams, conditioners, moisturizers
  • It's so much a part of our lives that we've forgotten it.

    I didn’t like the taste of the tap water – other problems related to water hardness.
    2 little boys do not drink enough. Equipped in 2012. The investment is
    important… it’s a question of choice… after all, I also saved on a lot of little things: hygiene products, food, laundry, cosmetics… today we can say that
    hygiene products, laundry, cosmetics… today we can say that I have paid off my machine.
    I have paid off my machine.

  • We have a whole new life with perfect water

    Where we are, we do not have …. city water. There is a well on the property… but it was not
    it was not drinkable… We didn’t drink it. We had an endless supply of plastic
    plastic bottles. We met the person in charge of Oleo… He advised us well. We installed it
    and I don’t regret anything… It is a wonderful water.

  • Boat

  • Apartment

  • Motor home

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