Reviews and testimonies


Reviews and testimonies

  • Testimony of Philippe ROL - Orthodontist in Brittany

    Dr. Philippe ROL, an Orthodontist, has been equipped for 7 years with an OLEO plant. When he built his dental office in Cesson-Sévigné ...

  • Élodie NICOLLE works as a chiropractor in the sixth arrondissement of Paris.

    In her practice, two chiropractors alone consume over 3 liters of water a day. They advise their clients to drink plenty of water, and quality water at that. After having to buy and transport several packs of water a week, a real chore, Élodie NICOLLE chose an OLÉO plant. She explains why.

  • Testimony Gérard - Director of plastic surgery

    Gérard is the director of the Indian Ocean cosmetic surgery clinic. He testifies why and how OLEO water is a richness in the context of ...

  • Testimony of Éric ROGEMOND - company manager

    Eric ROGEMOND is the manager of a group of companies, JMC. He decided to install an OLEO system and not to use professional fountains anymore...

  • Testimony of Philippe Chevalier -

    Philippe Chevalier is the managing director of, a trading company of environmental materials and all new technologies improving the environment.

  • Testimony of Jean Yves Helfrich, OLEO Accredited Agent

    The company CTT HELFRICH has been offering "turnkey" bathrooms for more than 15 years in the north-east of Alsace (near Haguenau). It is in this context that ...

  • Testimony of Stéphane Narmand - METAL STORES

    Stéphane Narmand is the manager of the company METAL STORES - recently, he acquired a cutting machine for all materials (metal, aluminum, glass, ...

  • An OLEO group plant at BIG WILLY'S - Director FRED's Opinion

    An OLEO GROUP plant at the BIG WILLY'S bar - the opinion of FRED the Director

  • Interview with Dr. Gérard Peyronnet - his choice for a WATER central

    Dr. Peyronnet quickly sees that the water in the network where he has just moved is not at all up to his standards. He makes researches and "falls"...

  • John, a lawyer, chose the OLEO plant to keep his family safe

    When John and his family arrived in Mauritius, they quickly realized that the water quality was not perfect, they had to act

  • Testimonial Moulin de la Forge

    Le Moulin de la Forge is a seminar center that can accommodate up to 130 participants for several days.
    The establishment uses a borehole and chose OLÉO to purify its water.
    Very good testimonial from the plumber technician in charge of installations and maintenance.

  • Testimonial Philippe Pitiot - Spring water treatment

    Mr and Mrs Pitiot live in Saint Paul en Jarez, in the Gier valley between Lyon and St Étienne. Their home is supplied exclusively by spring water. OLÉO installed a "borehole water" kit to purify and enhance this spring water.


    Mr Favre works in natural food supplements. He's also a keen sportsman. He was looking for a natural, effective solution to purify his water at all the water points in his home. He explains why, and presents OLÉO technology.

  • Testimony of Samira Crozet - user of the OLEO process since 2012

    Following a seminar on water quality in 2011, after having learned a lot about the OLEO purifier process, ...

  • Richard & Géraldine live on their catamaran

    Richard & Géraldine live on their catamaran - most of the time at sea, they use the watermaker to produce fresh water. Not only have they adopted OLEOSEA's ecological water purification plant, but they have also chosen to become OLEOSEA's Accredited Agent for the Mediterranean.

  • Mr. Juan Briceño is an urban planning architect in Paris and the Occitanie region.

    Mr. Juan Briceño has acquired an old vineyard, but it is not connected to the city's water network. Fortunately, the estate has a borehole. Mr Juan Briceño asked OLÉO to purify and purify his water for drinking, wellness and swimming.

  • Testimony by Dominique Crepet

    Mrs. Dominique Crepet lives in Le Morne, in the southwest of Mauritius.
    She explains how in Mauritius, in order to compensate for the water cuts, all ...

  • Testimony of Georges GASSMANN, OLEO customer in Alsace

    Mr and Mrs Gassmann are retired. They live in LAMPERTSLOCH (67) in Alsace. The ors of an estimate of renovation of their room ...

  • Testimony of Mr. Alain Araud - Lyon area

    Mr. Araud was already a customer of Laurent GAYON, OLEO's installation technician. Laurent has been his plumber for several years...

  • Testimony of the user of the OLEO ecological plant: Mr Hervé Pfeiffer

    Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer live in Mothern (67) at the German border, in Alsace. They had another system ...

  • DANIEL AND HIS WIFE - Water from the well treated with the OLEO plant is delicious to drink

    Testimony of DANIEL AND HIS WIFE - The water from the well treated with the OLEO GROUP plant is delicious to drink...

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