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Equip your motor home with naturally healthier water.

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OLEO imagined and designed for you


A healthy and sublimated water

Quick and easy installation

purified and revitalized water.

  • Water free of sediments, chlorine, traces of chemicals, pesticides, medical waste, heavy metals…
  • Revitalized water thanks to nano-vortexes during the passage of water in the plant

Easy maintenance and disassembly.

  • Only a few rinses, backwashes, 4 times a year
  • Do-it-yourself installation with Speedfit John Guest connections
  • Easy removal of the central unit for safe winterization of your motorhome
  • I don't need to carry a water pack anymore

    After having installed an OLEO central on my 2 successive motorhomes, I am always surprised and delighted to have drinking water at my taps. I can only advise all motorhome owners to find this same feeling, not to mention the quality of the water, of course!

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