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Before contacting OLEO Headquarters, it is best to contact your local OLEO Partner. He is the one who sold you the OLEO Central or you can find him here:

Trouvez un agent accrédité près de chez vous

Of course, you can always contact OLEO Headquarters if you can’t reach him.

Mail : contact@oleo-group.com
Telephone Mauritius : +230 52 54 78 24
Telephone France : +33 (0)9 51 08 37 49


This is a simple operation to be performed 3 times a year (every 4 months after your installation). Each operation should take about 60 seconds and should create a small “water hammer” to “rinse” the SilCarb (carbon/silver) in one direction and the other to optimize it and bring all the qualities to the OLEO water you use daily.

Please note

When the water is put into service, the carbon/silver granules are “raw”. The OLEO installer will backwash the water.
If the water still has a “synthetic” taste, it is advisable to perform one or two additional backwashes and the water will become pure and pleasant again.

For more information on the backwashing method, please contact your OLEO partner who sold you the system, or the OLEO head office.

IMPORTANT: If you want to keep the 4-year warranty on the SilCarb cartridge, this backwashing must be done once a year by the authorized installer as part of the annual maintenance contract.



How to dismantle your OLEO plant and take it with you.

If you are moving, you can simply “bypass” your OLEO plant (place valve D between the water inlet of the network and your private network so that the water from the network goes directly to your private network without passing through the OLEO plant).

In this way, your OLEO plant will no longer supply your private network (your home or business).

You can then drain your OLEO plant (through the outlet n°6) and then dismantle the central unit to install it elsewhere.


We advise you to call your OLEO installer to dismantle your plant and reinstall it in your new home. After dismantling the plant, he will restore it to its original state.

You must have an OLEO plant of the right size for your home and your consumption. Please check this with our services before reinstalling the plant in your new home.

Oléo vs les autres solutions

OLEO plant is not a water softener.

OLEO plant is a natural and ecological water purifier that works intelligently on limestone.

A water softener is a system that removes calcium and magnesium ions. These are the mineral ions that, in a hot environment, combine to form lime scale (or tartar).

The softener uses “ion trapping” resins that must be periodically regenerated by a “wash” containing regenerating salt.

The softener:

Removes minerals (typically allowing 12% of unsoftened water to pass when set properly)
Uses electricity and electronics
Must be cleaned regularly to prevent bacterial growth
Does not produce purified water – on the contrary, the building code (CSTB) requires the installer of a water softener to provide a water supply line from the mains, for example to the kitchen sink tap, to avoid drinking and cooking with water treated by the softener.

The water softener is an excellent solution for the protection of pipes and household appliances, but in no case for the quality of the water consumed.

The OLÉO plant solves the problem of limescale in an intelligent way. Thanks to the combination of activated carbon with pure silver and the presence of nanovortexes (micro-vortexes) in the stainless steel tank of the OLÉO plant, a physicochemical phenomenon is created that acts on the calcium and magnesium ions (responsible for the formation of limestone). The ions can no longer stick together naturally. Moreover, this action of the vortex effect is enhanced by the ATIC module based on quartz balls.

Example and experiment (if you are in a limestone area)

Pour a glass of OLEO water (water that has benefited from passing through the circuit of the OLEO plant).
Boil this OLEO water in a pan until it comes to a complete boil.
You will notice a fine white, slightly creamy powder on the sides of the pan.

This is ARAGONITE. This natural powder shows that we have preserved the minerality of the water (calcium, magnesium).

A simple wipe with a damp cloth will remove this aragonite powder, which does not stick to the water like limestone.

We have thus demonstrated the anti-scaling effect of the OLEO plant.

The anti-scaling effect of the OLEO plant

This natural phenomenon allows

Without electricity
Without electronics
Without chemical products
Without addition of salt or regular maintenance (only a “backwash” 3 times a year is necessary)
With the water flow (without loss)
With maintain calcium and magnesium ions
With prevent their incrustation (no limestone or scale formation)
With revitalize the water

In rare situations, but which can happen :

Formation of a light white powder – aragonite – which can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
Descaling of pipes – OLEO water tends to “clean” existing pipes that have accumulated limescale or even bio-films (a kind of natural “sludge” containing microbes and bacteria).

In any case, what the  OLEO plant brings in addition to a water softener:

Capture of sediments (even the smallest)
Capture and destruction of chlorine
Capture and non-release of micropollutants (traces of pesticides, drugs, heavy metals)
Limescale management without removing the ions essential for well-being
Revitalization of water

Questions post installation

The OLEO plant is a system that removes the particles stuck on your pipes, the older the pipes, the longer it takes to clean them and the water may have a particular smell. This can last for some time depending on the frequency of use. If the smell persists, contact the service department to report the problem.
During commissioning, the carbon/silver molecules are “raw” and must be rinsed with counter-current, which is done by the plumber. If this feeling persists, it is advisable to do a few rinses against the current and the water will be soft and pleasant to drink. IMPORTANT: The plant must be well dimensioned, in most cases it must be at least an OLEO 400 plant. The bigger the center, the faster the pipes will be “cleaned”.

Questions post installation

Do not store OLEO water in plastic bottles that have already contained liquid and have been opened and/or consumed for several days. Prefer water stored in a resealable glass bottle that can be consumed quickly. Leaving water in an open carafe allows spores in the air to come into contact with the water in the container. Food stored in the refrigerator can also give off an smell that can affect your water.

It is recommended to drink OLEO water during the day.

Questions post installation

A pre-filter with a 5 micron filter cartridge is installed at the inlet of your water circuit. Its function is to retain muddy residues and sediments that may be present in the water network. After rinsing the cartridge, the water becomes “clear” again.

The OLEO plant, on the other hand, is a decalcifier and once it is activated, its action acts directly on the scale and on the whole of your installation, such as the hot water tank, the boiler or the water heater. This is why the water may appear whitish for a few days. This effect disappears with time.

Questions post installation

1/ Check that your prefilter is not too dirty. If it is, clean it with pressurized water, if it is too dirty, you can use a brush, if it is not enough, you will have to replace it. In most cases, this will solve the problem and you will get back your usual water quality and pressure. If this clogging phenomenon persists, you will need to install an OLEO pre-filter that will “kill” sediments up to 25 microns. In this way, your private network will be progressively cleaned until you have perfect OLEO water.

2/ Backwash your system several times in both directions (at least 3 to 4 times in each direction for 60 seconds, according to the procedure indicated in the document provided (available from your OLEO distributor).

3/ Check that your local authority has not carried out any work on the water mains. If this is the case, contact your town hall and your insurance company to have the OLEO cartridge replaced.

Questions post installation

If the bubbles you see evaporate quickly, this is the effect of the oxygenation of the water by the OLEO plant. This reaction should disappear quickly enough to be invisible.


The cost of installation depends on the size of the central and the different elements.

We calculate your needs according to your home and the number of users, which is called peak consumption.


Our plant is guaranteed:

  • 304 and 316 L stainless steel tank = 8 years
  • Cartridge with SilCarb® silver carbon = 4 years with annual maintenance contract.
  • Pre-filter, ATIC module and other elements (excluding consumables) = 2 years


For the safety and comfort of our customers, we ask that you establish a maintenance contract with your plumber with at least one annual visit.

  • Inspection of the installation
  • Backwashing (washing against the flow)
  • Change of 5 micron coiled pre-filter

Kit d'installation

We will propose a suitable kit to be installed by a plumber (your plumber, if possible).

We provide all the necessary materials for the installation (except for the connection to your private network, the base plate and the waterproofing).

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