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What is borehole or well water?


Unlike tap water, which is treated in a specialized center, borehole or well water comes directly from water veins and springs, underground rivers or the water table. The source of the water is therefore important; it is raw, living water. On the other hand, the quality of the water is not better, mostly not drinkable! So how to treat it effectively?

Borehole or well water: is it of good quality?


Borehole or well water is often unfit for consumption. In fact, in most cases it contains live germs, numerous pollutants and chemical contaminants. Groundwater is naturally polluted with iron, manganese and other minerals, as well as agricultural and industrial pollution, not to mention the presence of living germs and sediments! These clog filters, damage appliances in your home, and make the water unsafe to drink. Worst of all for your health, borehole water also contains bacteria that make it unsafe to drink.


Traditional treatment of borehole or well water


To avoid the public health consequences of unsafe water, household treatment has become a necessity in recent years. The water from your tap has been traditionally treated in two steps. The first step is to filter the water through a sand filter. Then the bacterial contamination must be removed. The second step is chlorine treatment. And if the water is still not perfectly clean?


OLEO treatment: for perfectly clean water


Is it possible to have clean water that retains all its benefits? Yes, thanks to the four-step OLEO treatment. OLEO plant uses its various pre-filters to provide clear water. The next step is disinfection, followed by conservation with SILCARB carbon combined with a UV plate to guarantee the definitive absence of germs (viruses, bacteria, etc.). The last step is the intelligent management of limescale. The result? Perfectly purified water, with no traces of heavy metals, pesticides or pharmaceutical residues.


The OLEO treatment for unique water


The water treated by the Oleo plant is sublimated water with unique properties: delicious taste, no smell, no chlorine or chemical residues. It retains the magnesium and calcium necessary for your well-being, but does not damage your faucets, pipes and water heater.