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Health services deserve the best of water

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OLEO imagined and designed for you

A greener consumption

A healthy and sublimated water

An appropriate installation

At all water points impeccable water

  • Patients and caregivers deserve quality water
  • A high performance system, once installed, no need to think about it anymore
  • A high-performance system that can handle flows from 1m3/h to 240m3/h
  • Installation at each water point or at the water inlet

An effective purification system

OLEO eliminates chlorine, traces of heavy metals, pesticides and drug residues contained in the water system
It has an action against the creation of limestone while preserving calcium and magnesium
It energizes the water and makes it more penetrating


  • I wanted a system that could restore the virtues of water.

    I chose the OLEO system because I needed global filtration of all the water in my office. I didn’t want systems at every tap. And I didn’t want to use city water, which, despite what the municipalities say, is not necessarily very clean… For me, this system is really ideal to filter out all the bad things that can get into the public water.
    in the public water.

  • Coffee shops, hotels, restaurants

  • Industrialists, communities

  • Craftsmen, shopkeepers

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