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Even in the open ocean, enjoy healthy, remineralized water

Technical File OLEO SEA

OLEO imagined and designed for you


A healthy and sublimated water

Quick and easy installation

Your equipment produces revitalized water.

  • Purified and revitalized water on board at all taps, no more bulky and heavy plastic bottles
  • Remineralization cartridge available to be installed after the Oleo plant behind the water unit

Easy installation and maintenance.

  • Central OLEO in reinforced stainless steel 316L adapted boating
  • Delivery of the complete kit for an installation by yourself (Speedfit John Guest)
  • Very simple maintenance only 4 times a year (backwash)
  • OLEO water replaced dozens of bottles on board

    We live aboard our catamaran all year round. We drink the water from the shore… it is desalinated water… not necessarily very good… With the Oleo plant, we are freed from the chore of water packs… And it’s remineralized water!

  • Apartment

  • House

  • Motor home

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