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Is having drinking water in your home enough insurance to drink tap water with peace of mind? Why not have access to living water?


What do we mean by “living water”?

We can say that water is alive when it is structured, that is, when it is composed of 6 molecules forming a hexagon. Various studies by renowned scientists have proven that the intake of structured (living) water improves the vitality and slows down the aging process of the organism that ingests it.

However, the treatment of water in purification plants, especially by the addition of chemical products, “breaks” this hexagonal structure. The water that comes out of our taps has lost all of its “living water” qualities.

In nature, water undergoes sinusoidal movements: the descent from the mountains by waterfalls, the runoff in streams, the flow in rivers, …. It is precisely these movements that maintain the vitality of water, freeing it from all the molecules that can aggregate in its structure.


How can water be revitalized?

In nature, as we have already explained, water is thrown from waterfalls to rivers, from drain to drain, following sinuous trajectories. The movements it makes are similar to spirals (whirlpools) that allow it to remove all the molecules of pollution and other impurities. These swirling movements are called vortices and allow the water to regain its vitality (its hexagonal structure).

The revitalization of water is not based on chemical products; it is first necessary to reproduce the movements that it follows in nature, to give it a natural movement so that the molecules, due to the pollution of the soil, that accumulate on its structure, can break up and be detached.


How to reproduce a vortex?

Our Oleo system was developed after several years of research in collaboration with the CNRS and under the aegis of Pierre-Gilles DE GENNE (eminent French scientist and Nobel Prize winner in Physics).

Based on the findings of the scientists, we have applied our know-how and expertise in the field of water to create a universal water center: a dynamizing nanovortex: an ecological, natural and autonomous system.
Made of food-grade stainless steel (in different sizes according to your needs), our vortex is robust, simple and easy to install, and will help you to face water problems calmly and efficiently for many years.
Our system is combined with our pure silver carbon powder (produced and distributed exclusively by Oleo): a perfect combination of pure silver metal and activated carbon: two components with remarkable properties and virtues.
Our products are guaranteed for 8 years for the stainless steel tank and 4 years for the SILCARB cartridge (pure silver/carbon powder).