Professionals / Craftsmen, shopkeepers


Differentiate by using purified water.

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OLEO imagined and designed for you

A greener consumption

A healthy and sublimated water

Quick and easy installation

Make water an ally to your business

  • Opt for a more natural approach
  • Water that protects you and your products
  • Protect your appliances from limescale and avoid over-consumption of electricity
  • Equip all your water points with a single OLEO plant

Optimize the natural chemistry of your products.

  • Facilitate the use of natural products with a more penetrating water
  • One of the few bio-compatible waters (OLEO water respects and promotes organic products)
  • Your customers will see the difference
  • For better product quality

    The Oléo central allows us to promote our production method and above all to maintain our equipment as well as possible in order to perpetuate the company. […] The perfectly healthy water allows the dough to be completely honeycombed and to have a texture that is not desaturated […] for a better quality of the products.

  • We wanted to distinguish ourselves by an ecological practice

    The purified and gentle OLEO water is ideal for ammonia-free hair care and coloring. When shampooing, hair is soft, silky and easier to style!

  • Coffee shops, hotels, restaurants

  • Industrialists, communities

  • Medical sector

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