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Choose the right purification system for your apartment.

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OLEO imagined and designed for you

A healthy and sublimated water

1 single product, 7 sizes available

Quick and easy installation

One plant 7 sizes available

  • 7 different models and sizes from 1m3/h to 240m3/h
  • Suitable for one or more water inlets, suitable for collective and individual water treatment
  • Connected to the water inlet in the apartment or in the building’s technical duct

An economical and environmentally friendly solution.

  • Delicious tap water directly at all taps, no more plastic bottles and filter jugs
  • 50% reduction in detergent and cleaning product consumption! Purified water is more effective for cleaning, which means you’ll use less detergent
  • Reduction of skin creams, conditioners, moisturizers
  • We use tap water without question

    When we arrived in our area, we noticed that the water was not great. We decided to equip ourselves. It was very limited in terms of installation, we had to be clever to put the appliances under the bathroom sink. It’s been 10 years, the water is good, the machines don’t scale much. We drink a lot of water, every day. It is certain that we do not have the idea of buying bottled water.

  • Boat

  • House

  • Motor home

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