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Protect and revitalize all the water in your home

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Beauty & Serenity

Beneficial effects of water for your well-being

Feel better with healthy and naturally protected drinking water

Soft skin & silky hair while showering

Preserve your beauty capital, improve the softness and quality of your skin and hair

24-hour protection of all water in your home

A high performance system, once installed, no need to think about it anymore

Intelligent lime management

Preserve essential minerals while protecting your appliances and pipes

How does it work?

  1. Complete our request for information
  2. OLEO will get back to you within 48 hours
  3. OLEO delivers the material and accompanies you for its installation
  4. Enjoy purified and living water!

OLEO adapts to your needs

  • House

  • Apartment

  • Motor home

  • Boat

You want to purify your raw water ? Rainwater, well, drilling, catchment

  • We use tap water without question

    When we arrived in our area, we noticed that the water was not great. We decided to equip ourselves. It was very limited in terms of installation, we had to be clever to put the appliances under the bathroom sink. It’s been 10 years, the water is good, the machines don’t scale much. We drink a lot of water, every day. It is certain that we do not have the idea of buying bottled water.

  • It's so much a part of our lives that we've forgotten it.

    I didn’t like the taste of the tap water – other problems related to water hardness.
    2 little boys do not drink enough. Equipped in 2012. The investment is
    important… it’s a question of choice… after all, I also saved on a lot of little things: hygiene products, food, laundry, cosmetics… today we can say that
    hygiene products, laundry, cosmetics… today we can say that I have paid off my machine.
    I have paid off my machine.

  • We have a whole new life with perfect water

    Where we are, we do not have …. city water. There is a well on the property… but it was not
    it was not drinkable… We didn’t drink it. We had an endless supply of plastic
    plastic bottles. We met the person in charge of Oleo… He advised us well. We installed it
    and I don’t regret anything… It is a wonderful water.

  • OLEO water replaced dozens of bottles on board

    We live aboard our catamaran all year round. We drink the water from the shore… it is desalinated water… not necessarily very good… With the Oleo plant, we are freed from the chore of water packs… And it’s remineralized water!

  • I don't need to carry a water pack anymore

    After having installed an OLEO central on my 2 successive motorhomes, I am always surprised and delighted to have drinking water at my taps. I can only advise all motorhome owners to find this same feeling, not to mention the quality of the water, of course!

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