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More and more luxury travelers are becoming environmentally conscious and are pushing hoteliers to demonstrate environmental sustainability initiatives.

Mauritian hotel groups have taken these issues to heart, and sustainable development initiatives are many and varied.

But since the pandemic, a new trend has emerged: wellness tourism, whose main players are travelers who are very concerned about their physical fitness, well-being and health.

This category of tourists continues to grow and remains a financial manna, as they are willing to spend 61% more than traditional tourists. It is therefore in the interest of the hotel industry to develop activities that meet the expectations of these guests and to offer services that are different from those of their colleagues. These travelers tend to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally, and are becoming more demanding about the quality of the food resources offered.

Many hoteliers have adopted an eco-responsible approach in terms of rainwater harvesting for irrigation and watering. But is this enough to attract these new travelers?

With the ban on plastic bottles, hotels are offering drinking water to their guests: water that complies with national guidelines, water that is below a certain tolerance threshold for the presence of micro-pollutants.

Why not go further and ensure a permanent supply of pure water, free of micropollutants, pharmaceuticals, sediments, etc. (usually present in drinking water from the public network) in all the hotel’s water points (bathroom, fountain, kitchen, etc.)?

The implementation of a water filtration and revitalization system such as the one proposed by OLEO guarantees the distribution of crystal clear water for everyone’s consumption.

The Oleo system works without chemicals, without electricity, without electronics.

It is guaranteed for 8 years for the stainless steel tank and 4 years for the SILCARB bag (activated carbon metallized with pure silver).