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Facing an increased competition, you have managed to differentiate yourself through your unparalleled expertise, but is this enough to ensure a competitive advantage over time?

In a market as competitive as hairdressing, know-how is no longer enough to ensure longevity in the hearts of clients. What if the quality of the water you use in your salon had natural benefits for your clients’ hair and, at the same time, this purified water ensured the longevity of your equipment?

By installing an Oleo Central at the entrance to your main water system, you can provide your clients with water that is free of lime and scale, and purified to revitalize the appearance of their hair.

In addition to these benefits, purified water will protect your equipment. In fact, hard water, which releases its mineral salts on the resistances of household appliances, hinders their proper functioning and they require more energy to operate normally.
By consuming more energy, your bill will explode.

Gérard Guidi, founder of the Indian Ocean Cosmetic Surgery Center (a place of excellence in hair transplantation), has chosen the OLEO central for his activities.