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With the growing awareness of eco-responsibility and the environment, many homeowners and renters are looking for an alternative to drinking water.

If some have turned to drinking bottled water due to a lack of confidence in the quality of the potable water provided in their homes, others have already opted for a filtration system.

When we know that 8 million tons of plastic are thrown back into the oceans every year, it is more than urgent to look for alternatives that are less costly to the environment.

We congratulate those who have already chosen a filtration system, but be aware that not all filtration systems are created equal!

Here are the criteria to consider before choosing one system over another.
Maintenance costs: Often exorbitant in the long run, they are unfortunately essential for certain systems. Don’t hesitate to ask about the additional costs before committing to an attractive offer.
Practicality: the filtration system must be practical to use and install.
Efficiency: Not all filtration systems are equally efficient at removing heavy metals, sediment, and micropollutants. Your choice should be based on proven and certified results.
Global: The water you use on a daily basis is not just for drinking, you use an average of 55m3 of water per year per person.


Only 11% is used for cooking and eating and 39% for personal hygiene (bath, shower…). Why not demand filtered water for all your uses, knowing that purified and filtered water is good for your skin and hair? Oleo, a unique patented system developed in collaboration with the CNRS and present in Mauritius, responds positively to all the above criteria.

Practical: easy installation at the entrance of your individual network (by your installer or by one of our technicians), no maintenance fees for 4 years. Our SILCARB bag (pure silver/activated carbon) is guaranteed for 4 years, at the end of which it will be enough to replace it (by your care).
Effective: Activated carbon is the best element to retain chemicals and harmful particles. Combined with pure silver (antibacterial power), the activated carbon in the OLEO system removes chlorine, drug residues, traces of heavy metals, pesticides and micropollutants.


Finally, the OLEO system is installed directly at the entrance of your individual network, allowing you to benefit from purified and filtered water distribution in all the taps of your home (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room). An important detail to consider is that the water distributed in this way significantly reduces limescale deposits and offers a longer life for all your water-consuming household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.). This system is suitable for both individual and collective housing. You decide to buy a house, you need pure water in all your new acquisition.