Who are we?


Who are we?

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My Ambition for OLEO: A global & human perspective.

In 2019, I launched OLÉO GROUP. Living between Mauritius and France, I have been aware for a long time of the problems and stakes for water (pollution, limestone, poverty of the resource, etc.)
I had access to studies conducted in collaboration with various research centers primary based in France. The SilCarb (the Silver Carbon) and the OLEO central are 100% French products, both owned by OLEO GROUP. An efficient and simple installation adapted to any type of house, use or operation.

Why the name OLEO? My daughter’s name is Océane and my son’s name is Léo, so OLÉO!
Why did I launch OLÉO? Because water is life, and without drinking water there is no life on earth.

My vision goes beyond just purifying water. I want everyone, everywhere in the world, to have access not only to drinking water, but also to sublimated water, water that is better than bottled water if not even spring water. This is the challenge of OLEO.

My ambition is to create the OLÉO Foundation to bring OLÉO water to communities without access to water or where the water is of poor quality.

After overcoming several challenges over the past few months , we are already present in several countries. It is with our partners that OLEO will develop all over the world, thank you very much to them!
OLEO is not the result of a single founder, OLEO is a group of people who, together, have this global vision.

Blue gold is a humanitarian issue!


The Oleo team

Our quality labels

  • OLEO production is a member of the French Tech One Lyon-St Etienne the French StartUp movement
  • The OLEO central is ACS certified (Attestation of Sanitary Conformity for France)
  • OLÉO production has obtained the status of young innovative company
  • The OLEO central is certified NSF 61 (NFS/ANS/CAN 61 standard valid worldwide)

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